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Hello, i live in Braunschweig, Germany and was wondering of anyone here knows about any performance near from here or in the whole country.Danke.

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hii was over in germany last week for a 'firetribe' performance in could checkout local juggling shops as they might have firemeet dates :)our next visit is either dec/jan - yet to be arranged-i`ll keep you posted :)

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Location: Pfullingen / Germany

Hi Arkos,we are just not in Your Area, but we have performances in Germany.Our home is in Reutlingen - near Stuttgart and we mostly do our events here in this area. Last month, we had a performance in Hrth near Kln.Check out our homepage . We will soon bring out the dates of our planned schedule. It will take just a few days because of two very interesting events together with the band Corvus Corax, where we have still to check out about fire - security.CheersThilo

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Hi Arkos,I'm also live near Stuttgart so I can't tell you someting about local performences. you can ask the people in your local youth club, they often know where performences are.Blackfire


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