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Location: Germany (Stuttgart, Passau)

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Posted:Hi Everybody!I've been working in Mexico for quite a while and moved back to Germany now.Nobody knows Poi here - at least thats's what it looks like- and I can't find anybody to practice!! That's a real shame!Have been doing performances in Discotheques but it would be more fun with more people, thats why I'm looking around now.I'll be in Passau (Bavaria) from now on, anyone here visiting Germany- yor welcome to have a spin with me somplaceMoritz

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Location: Back in Paris... for now !

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Posted:Hi Fuegolo,Welcome back from your trip then ! I happen to visit germany quite often (Stuttgart und Regensburg) and I'll make sure to drop you a line if I do.have you done a research uder the "meet others" section with search criteria : germany ? You may have some good surprises ...Shine oncassandra

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