Location: Seattle, WA USA

To anyone in Seattle,I teach a fire class every monday night in the freemont area. This is a fire class and that means everything you ever wanted to know that I could possibly teach you class. It includes but is not limited to...Poi, Staff, Double staff, fire fingers, transfer, blowing, eating, fans, swords, ropes, how to build all your own tools and how to build flaming costumes as well as an intensive course in safety. I am dance focused so I will get you to a place where you are comfortable enough to move around and dance while playing with fire. As a performer I can also teach you how to deal with the fire department and venues when booking a show. After about two weeks and your first burn I will put you on my permit. A goal for you will be to do a production with my group , Ignis Devoco Industrial Fire Circus.Cost is $10-$15 and hour sliding scale but you will not be turned away for lack of money in fact I prefer trade and if you have a special skill you can trade with everyone in class, I would take that as payment. For instance we have a belly dancer who gives us all belly dancing lessons.If you are interested please feel free to contact me at you,DOnia LoveIgnisDevoco Industrial Fire"Where there is sorrow, I seek the flame."Rumi

Donia Love
Ignis Devoco Industrial Fire Circus

Where there is sorrow, I seek the flame.

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