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Hello,Mondays have become so popular that we have added another fire class on tuesday nights from 6-8pm.So now Members of Ignis Devoco Industrial Fire Circus are offering fire classes mondays and tuesday nights...for more info read below...EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT FIRE Are you interested in learning more about Fire Art? Members of Ignis teach classes on using various fire tools, techniques, learning to build your own fire implements and fire safety, and as a part of the class you will be given the opportunity to collaborate on a show with Ignis. This is a performance focused class. The goal is to get you ready to perform for audiences, including how to obtain permits and work with clients. All skill levels welcome. Cost is $10-$15 and hour sliding scale for regular group class (you will not be turned away for lack of money) and $20-25 and hour for private lessons. Hour for hour trade will also be considered and is strongly encouraged!! Group class is every Monday night from 7-9pm or tuesdays from 6-8pm. If you are interetested, give Donia a call at 206.819.5684 or e-mail info@ignisdevoco.com.FREE BELLY DANCING LESSONSCome early on Mondays (6pm) for free belly Dancing classes taught by one of the newest members of Ignis...WES. Wes is skilled belly dancer and can do some things with his hips and belly that most women cant doIgnis Devoco Industrial Fire Circuswww.ignisdevoco.com"Where there is sorrow, I seek the flame."Rumi

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