I was wonderin if there if there are any fire spinning events in england, as i've only really proformed out side clubs and would like to meet more like minded folk.

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well there are but the only ones i'm interested in for now are the ones in portsmouth where i live but non of us have insurance or licences so technically we don't call it an event just a gethering of spinners

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This thread is 4 years old!

The existance of flamethrowers says that someone, somewhere, at sometime said "I need to set that thing on fire, but it's too far away."

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You never know; the anonymous, unregistered random might still be checking in...

In which case, I'm going to get grief for calling someone a "random"...

You cannot trust this boy! His mind has been corrupted by colours, sounds and shapes.

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lmao where the hell did this get dredged from and why? tongue

UK events hmmm not many i can think of... any sugestions?

ony few that come to mind
-clapham meets
-guildford meets
-sheifield meets
-hastings "
-burmingham 2 (not certain)
-random dorking burnyness....


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la la la, tee dee dee, doooo wop wop yeah

Let's relight this forum ubblove

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