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Location: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

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Posted:I want to buy some glowsticks but not enough for a minimum order. If anyone in the Baltimore area wants some and if together we can get the total order price to $50 then we can order together. Please write back or e-mail hafsha1@umbc.edu if you are interested. Check the website...http://glowstickfactory.com/

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Location: roanoke, VA

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Posted:heyi'm in roanoke virginiawanna ship some to me?i'd be interestedwhat color?mail mefrodus@vt.edu

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One Tyred Guy
Location: Camaiore, Lu, Italy

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Posted:You'd be surprised how quickly you can go through 50 glowsticks (I'd get the industrial strength at $1 a piece) I went through a shipment in a summer, though I was generous about giving them away. You may want to also "sell" them to the newbies for $3 for 2 or something equally nice to "pay for fuel." Even if you left a box out with glowsticks and a sign that said "$2 each" at every burn you'd probably sell 'em right quick. You may want to bring a roll of string too... Just a thought.

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