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Ok i was watching Dantana's Video :
"Dantutorialsmall" and i noticed about 2.52 into it, he does what could only be called "contact" when his hands stay on his body the whole time through a weave very tricky move i thought. I have finally managed to get it clean but even though it looks real easy, its not.

(hands run over and up alternate arm and round sholder and back down arm, and then other hand does that)

I was just wondering who else is doing this new style and what variations are available.

Currently i have the standard contact 4 bt spiders (turning weave) and continous turning. It just feels so good i thought i had to share it with everyone who hasn't learnt it yet

If this has been covered already sry, but i did the whole search thing and... yea.

Ideas/ variations, obscene phonecalls.

Its all just smoke and mirrors

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er. quite recently? like, this year in january i think.

and yes, i saw him playing looooads with those. , but its not contact i tell ya.


Holistic Spinner (I hope)


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