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Posted:Have, in all this craziness of new moves missed out something?

Currently, with Poi & staff, we only use 2 planes - helicopter or wall / horizontal or verticle.

Can we use other planes (45 degrees) and would they look good if we could?

There's the "atom move" (or really fast over head crossed butterfly type thing) which makes an atom sign (un-suprisingly) but no others I can think of...


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Posted:try a search on 'trinity'...

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Posted:you can do weaves at various angles...

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Posted:I'm kinda confused.. 3 planes... would be your length... width.. and heigth... i.e. right and left side loops (weave)... front and back loops (windmill)... up and down (corkscrews)...

am I missing something.. I know a lot of people wanna lump front and side together.. but they aren't the same if you want to get all 3-d..

or are you tlaking something more...

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Posted:Durbs check out the recent discussion we had on planes in this thread (link at the bottom)

It got me thinking about planes, and about the huge number of planes that exist within a circle, if you take the though to it's seemingly logical conclusion - there are no planes, but instead our Poi Dance off and around the circle that surrounds us.

a cube expanded into a dodecahedron

expanded into a circle





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Posted:i dont know how i do it but i do a weave with corners basicall at on point the right Poi goes vertical and the left horizontal, then they swap i dont know how or when it just happened when learning the fountain.

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