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i know this question gets asked alot but how do you do a 4 beat weave()? i've searched the forms already and was only confused more by all the variations of explinations i saw and just felt stupid because i saw posts on 7 beat weaves. could somone give me a step by step (including what each hand is doing at the same molment in time) instruction of how to do this, or maby a video of somone doing it?

once i figure this out i'll probably end up making an animated gif on how to do this so i can help some people on this problem.

i dont nececaraly need 5 beat weave instructions yet but if you included them that would be great

thank you for your time

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put you right arm out almost straight in front of you, bent slightly at the elbow, your wrist bent almost 90 degrees back with your fingers straight facing right. NOW with your left hand place it on top of the right, [wrist on wrist both back of the hands faceing to the right] and your left hand flopped down and fingers facing left and under neith the right hand efectivly making a twisty cross with your ligaments.

the above is an exact description of your hands when they are crossing in a 4 beat weave, all your doing to flow in to this is, [if doing the extra beat on the left side] not lead out with the left hand but to drop it back over your right hand and let your right hand lead instead. once you have moved ligaments and poi to the right side of you just unwravel back out.

if you want the 5 beat weave too, its exactly the same as the above but you do the right side too. [flop your right hand over the left and lead out with the left instead [back of hands facing left this time]

hope this was a little clearer.

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