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Fire Mama
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Posted:Any one ever attempt a fire spin on rollerskates?Let me know how it went if you did. I'm trying to steady myself on a vintage pair and have imaginings of spinning around in circles and controlling the fire poi while in constant crazy movement. Now...if only I could actually rollerskate.

Thru meditation I program my heart to beat break beats and hum bass lines on exhilation....

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Posted:i tought my 7 year old niece to fire twil she can bf btb bf 3 beat weave and backwards 3 beat weave and she is now learning os skates she loves it with the right moves it looks great

are you gonna drink that?



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Posted:Fire Mama, Please do a "Future Search" as this will be discussed many times in the future.

Several years from when you post this you will even be able to see ICON's video of such a performance.

Thank you.


Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


shen shui
shen shui

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Posted:Thats beautiful, NYC. Big smiles. Humour at the cutting edge. Love it. smile


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