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Fire Mamamember
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Location: West coast gal,Canada

Any one ever attempt a fire spin on rollerskates?Let me know how it went if you did. I'm trying to steady myself on a vintage pair and have imaginings of spinning around in circles and controlling the fire poi while in constant crazy movement. Now...if only I could actually rollerskate.

Thru meditation I program my heart to beat break beats and hum bass lines on exhilation....

AalatheaGOLD Member
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Location: Massachusetts, US, USA

well, i don't roller skate, but a friend of mine pois on a skateboard. there isn'treally any physical spinning involved in that so much. i think rollerskates would look really different, but the skateboarding looks raelly cool.
so go for it. physically moving around kinda fast while poiing adds a different look that you can't get just from dancing around.
i have little experience with this, but you probly want to be extra careful cause there's a lot more safety issues to consider.

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