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Help! Can someone give me a list of common abbrieviations used?

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Hi Sharon again

BTB = behind the back
TTN = thread the needle (see poi lessons videos here)

it takes a while to get used to this whole slang I have to say and in many ways, videos speak more than words (at least to me)

check out the videos and if you can download them (see the poi videos posted by PK aka 1112 something etc...)

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BTN=Burn The Nose
BTL=Between The Legs

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bf= butterfly
btn = also called buzssaw
fw = forward
rev = reverse (both refer to the direction the poi are spinning)
hyp = hyperloop
bth = behind the head
btl= between the legs
2b = 2 beat
3b = 3 beat, etc 456789 etc

I'm sure there's more I'm missing, I'll post if run into some more.

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