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  Posted: Looking for some new Poi Moves. I can do BTB forward and reverse 4 beat weaves. BTB butterfly forward and reverse. Butterfly forward and reverse (in front of body). The waves and weaves. TTN forward and reverse. I can also do the weave and turns. Can someone tell me some new moves to try out. I don't have many variations but i'm open to suggestions

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  Posted:Hyperloops, 7+ beat weaves or corkscrews, multiple beat windmills, butterfly weaves, buzzsaw, isolations, between the leg stuff, lots of wraps and lots of transitions. Use the search function if you wanna find out about any of the things I mentioned.

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  Posted:sounds like you have a lot of stuff down already, all i can sugest is looking from within, you should start to feel new moves well variations flowing in from your mind, learn transitions and style and dance too.. all big factors to learn not just individual moves.


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