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These are wraps that are wraped and then let go of only to be caught by the hand that let it go.
ie Fwd Arm Wrap Suicide: Wrap Poi from right hand round left arm from under the arm ,wrap it almost all the way round until the string drops toward the hand.Then let the handle go and catch the Poi half way up the string slidding your hand back to the handle.Done!
This move is continuous you can just feed the right Poi round the left arm over and over again.
it works on both sides,fowards and backwards and withe either arm wraping
ie Fwd left side right hand wrapping or
Fwd left side left hand wrapping(heaps harder)
For those who can do btb arm wraps youll be happy to know it works there to ,it just needs to be wraped a little more but loosly to give yourself the time to catch it.
Hopefully these should spice up your wraps a bit!
Enjoy & Let go of your pois!!!!!!

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Nice! I love them. "Suicide wraps" ... I like the name. I always just called them "Bassman wraps" because they're kinda like that "Infinite weave" trick that Bassman posted back when Bassman posted. The one where you keep passing the handle over your arm as you weave so you can just keep going on one side indefinitely.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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Sorry NYC its a Diabolo term ..The crossover might not have worked?

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NYC speaks of the infamous throw and catches, i love playing with those kinda easy when all i ever spin are clubs. wich leaves wraps on the bench for me, not often i use Poi, but i like the concept but not in my style.


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