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For some reason i am finding it really hard to getta hold. I can do the movement that is easy but its executing it that im having problems with, I seem to keep hitting myself in the face or in the back of the legs (which hurts loads after a few house!!!)

Can anyone gove me any pointers on this????

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my tip is to practice loads with one poi at a time but doing the movements with both arms.

when you're happy instead of trying to go directly into this from a reverse weave, try what was described to me as 'the pendulum' method.
hold both poi on you left hand side (right arm btb). swing them like pendula back and forth in the normal plane (perpendicular to your body, left poi leading) and when you feel comfortable, swing into the full movement.
ie. swing your left poi up and over to your right hand side btb, following with your right poi.

try this starting with the pendulum motion on the other side also (left hand btb, right poi leading) and you should get a real feel for all parts of the move. then all ya have to do is keep it goin!

hope this helps a little.

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