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Posted: I hope this isnt too off the subject but I just wanted to know if anyone knows how to liquid. I wanted to learn how to do that and the Poi, (not at the same time though) but i'm havin a bit of trouble with the liquid part. What kinds of moves can i practice besides the figure 8? and what are your best and favorite moves? thanx a ton

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Posted:It depends on what you are using to rave with, if you rave with glowsticks stick to simple stuff like going from figure 8 down to your legs, and then throw one hand around the backside of your leg and grab the attention to that, then slip your other glowstick down there then pull it out again to make it look like it flew threw your leg, just think about what will look cool, if you have photons pretend to eat the light, as for learning to liquid, i've only seen it done a few times, it's not that great there are better things out there, stick to Poi for now and glowsticking (with strings) because that gives the best effect!



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Posted:The figure 8 is a glowsticking move not a liquid move. If you're new you shouldn't be concentrating on "moves". Liquid is about flow. Practice the basic hand flow and go from there. You'll have better luck if you go to Go the the liquid pop collection forum and ask questions there.

If you want liquid videos go to
and Download the ones of liquid pop eric. Those are his older one's but they're probably still the best ones out there.

My clip is under "phunkyphlow". I was filmed about 2 months ago... i can't stand watching it but i'm told it looks pretty good.

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