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Posted:That site doesn't work... does anybody know where I can learn liquid/glowstick dancing???

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Posted:my only suggestion is to go to lots of raves and watch the kids who do liquid and glowsticks. Its not any harder to learn than poi or anything else just different.You can help train your hands to do liquid by putting stretching a rubber band between both hands with your middle fingers and playing follow the leader.also, I've been trying to come up with a way to make "fire gloves" do liquid with, but have been painfully unsuccessuful. Any suggestions?




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Posted:Hey Firestorm,I don't really know any technicalities on 'liquid dancing,' so this may or may not be of any help. As a suggestion, you might want to try making 'fire fingers' to use.Fire Fingers are basically gloves, with wire extensions (about 10-15cms long) coming out from each finger. At the end of each piece of wire is a small wick. They're usually used for performing a firedance that is similar in movement to the more exotic eastern style belly kinda dancing. They might work for Liquid Dancing, or they might not. I think that they sell 'finger wands' on the Fire Gear site
Hopefully that will give you a rough idea of what I'm talking about.maeon.

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