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  Posted: I just mastered the behind the back weave five minutes ago and I am sooooo incredibly excited!!! Finally, aftward weeks of practice, I finally got it. My question is on how to do a wrap with the same arm that your swinging with. I have read the wrap article and it doesn't explain it well. I was wondering if one of you experts out there could help me out with this. Thanks a lot!!



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  Posted:From a forward spin, I move at the moment that the Poi pass their highest peak, bringing my hands into my armpits. This creates a nice large object (your folded up arm) for the Poi to wrap, lessening the danger of catching your Poi on themselves. In reverse, I usually bring my hands to the tops of my shoulders instead of the armpits. I am sure there are many other ways of doing this, but this one worked out to be easy for me.


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  Posted:depends also on the length of you Poi, I use med length Poi (about one inch shorter than arm length) so I can wrap on just my upper arm while holding my hand out away from by bicep. I think, tracered, I have been neglecting your style of wrap I'll try to do better

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