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Posted:I have been doing gymnastics for a while and I would like to mix it with firepoi. I can do some flexibility while twirling and a onehand cartwheel, but I would love it if you could tell me about some new moves to do while twirling.

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Posted:Ever seen Circles of Light? Theres a couple of people who do gymnastics and twirling on there. Watch and learn!Never seen Circles of Light 2 so I cant really comment, but im sure there are a few people doing it on there too!Gruff
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Posted:there's a thread somewhere about doing an ariel (no handed-cartwheel) and such like whilst twirling - which I'm sure some helpful person can put a link to.If not try a search for ariel/arial...The general gist (i think) is that of not being able to use your arms' momentum to carry you over, for example in somersaults, as oppoesed to co-ordnation. I don't really have a clue to be honest, forward rolls scare me...
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Posted:(Hey Durbs, I can do a forward roll
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and keep a buzzsaw going at the same time
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Posted:The thread is called Aerial (cartwheel) while poi/staff and is started by me
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Posted:does "gymnastics" include arial kung fu double kicks, like jump spin double side kick (from a weave), and jump spin double crescent kick(from an alternate double beat butterfly? just wondering...I can do a backwards roll from a reverse butterfly, wraping on my legs halfway trough to come up in a regular forward spin. I have seen forward rolls without the wrap, but I havent tried them yet.

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Posted:I've seen one-handed cartwheels or aerials while spinning... this entails switching your chains to one hand momentarily, but looks pretty cool.A flip would work too, while in a normal forward swing...Sounds cool.~*Charly*~www.cabiri.org


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Posted:Awwww I love that move! The buzzsaw rollover I call it, which I guess is kinda accurate... You kinda have to push yourself over your arms like you are grabbing a bar in front of you and swinging over it... its a bit more throwing yourself than jumping over it... but if oyu get iut just right you pop right up on your feet almost automatically after rolling over.




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Posted:there are a couple of flippy things Sy does near the end of the Bristol 'real' vid, and Tim does some cartwheel variations with a staff.

I think Sy is doing a handspring (front flip) and just bangs the poi down hard on the ground as he does it so they rebound and he can keep spinning as he finishes the trick.

Tim does a staff-cartwheel, where he uses one end of his staff (on which he puts all his weight) instead of putting his hands on the ground, then a one-handed cartwheel. I've also seen him pull off a lovely contact staff cartwheel, where the staff rotates around the back of his neck as he does the move.

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Posted:look at Bender's site:

he has a couple of acrobatics lessons for use with doubles but the basic principles could be turned to anything I guess

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Posted:Written by: elasta

I've also seen him pull off a lovely contact staff cartwheel, where the staff rotates around the back of his neck as he does the move.

Yeah. It's Sick! In general Tims should be Banned! wink

( hug really Tim just stop making my jaw hit the ground every time I see you with a staff or two)

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Posted:please change your bookmarks as the old account isn't going to work any more!

the new link is:



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