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Total posts: 428 you do what is called on this site as the low wave (I always wanted to call it the hip flip but anyway)...if you stop alternating from front to back the Poi end up doing reverse going forwards and one going backwards, to your sides depending on which way you're facing. now, what do i do when i get to here? is the only way out of this to go back to doing the low wave or did i read somewhere its possible to get into a butterfly at your side? just cant seem to wrap my brain around this one.anythoughts? what else can you do with alternating directions?Peregrine

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Posted:Hey there Peregrin,I think that I know what you mean.... A thing that I've just worked out, that's similar, is this: First of all, learn how to do the high and low waves without moving your feet (just turn your body a bit
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). Now, do the forward to backward with the waves, with no 'Dead beats' inbetween. Then, as you go from backwards to forwards you can (as your body is twisting already) move your left hand further to your right than normal (you might do this the other way. Experiment!
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) and Viola! you now have a butterfly on your right hand side, without the need to have your Poi going in opposite directions, and the need to bring one to meet the other.....I find that this looks really cool if you go striaght (sp?) into the side to side butterfly thing (mentioned somewhere else!), and you can also go from the butterfly thing back to the waves!
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Hope that this has helped a bit (and my descriptions of moves hasn't just confused you lots!)Happy Swinging,Tim /|\



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Posted:Tim,Your description makes perfect sense!
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Posted:hey,there is a really really large number of moves you can do with the Poi going in opposite directions...however, try this;low/high turn.with one Poi do the movement for a high turn, and at the same time do the movement for a low turn with the other Poi. while you are doing that - do a 180 degree turn.The Poi should kinda cross behind your back. It doesnt matter which way you turn or which hand you do each move with, as long as you do them all at the same time it works. You can then go back into butterfly or whatever from there.I sometimes like breaking down into that pattern from a behind the head butterfly...remmeber the behind the butt butterfly too.once you got that turn, you should be able to do 5 variations easy.there are some interesting combos you can do with two directional stuff...Anyhow - Catchya,Josh


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