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Posted:ok, this is beggining to piss me off.I personally dont think fountain is:weave/corkscrew/revweave,more:weave/corsckrew/weave/revcorkscrew/weave (as described on the fountain thread)However I don't really care which one it really is, so I say why dont we vote for what we each think the fountain is, and the one that gets the most votes we define as the fountain. Then decide a name for the other and then all this bollard can cease.So which do you thing fountain is:1.weave/corkscrew/revweave2.weave/corsckrew/weave/revcorkscrew/weaveIncidentally if the fountain is the former then it is quite simple to do the whole motion in five beats instead of three in both directions, you could actually spin a few 360's in one direction and then in the other. Also why not stick a windwill or a low wave in in both directions?Anyway, vote now!

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Posted:Er... well in simplistic terms, keeping it all wallplane, weave -> windmill -> rev-weave (repeat) is an anti-spun fountain...

Rev-weave -> windmill -> weave being with spin..

(In my mind anyway...)

I still dispute there's a full windmill in a fountain though


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Posted:There's no windmills in a fountain. Only the illusion of windmills... wink

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Posted:There are no droids in a windmill.

Ive stopped getting hung up on names of moves.
I liked Durbs move description. Splittime swishy swashy.

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