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  Posted: can you give me some examples of show names? im currently pondering mine, so id like to learn some others, and i also want to meet some enw people

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  Posted:ARSN and the others...

*This is a joke...*

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  Posted:Mine took months of thought to come up with
it is .. Fire by Riz... just so you know how hard it was to think of Riz is my stage name

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  Posted:OTHER than my name, here's a tip. Pick a randome word, and either a) write it backwards

b) look it up in Japanese

or c) uhh... I don't have a c.. so... do YOU poke badgers with spoons?

And don't take "Bobo's hellish fire of doom, destruction, and death, featuring the one, the only, the magnificent, the allmighty, the diety, and all round amazing Bobo." That's mine

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  Posted:Make it mean something
Non-Https Image Link
. If you were to ask all the firey people you know

i bet you there would be a story behind most of the names
Non-Https Image Link
, most of the people

I know have a story (not always a good one
Non-Https Image Link

Failing that just have a butchers through a dictionary
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there are loads of cool words around. Try the theasaurus aswell
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For example:

Non-Https Image Link
garb: -
An outward appearance; a guise.

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  Posted:Hey Laavel guess what? Bobo DCL should have look up in Korean while she was in Japanese. What to know why ??? hehe because Bobo is the korean word for stupid!
(laughs as bobo reels back clutching her head trying to regroup the fragments of her shattered mind)

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  Posted:i found out the other day that my name in swedish means fool or jester!!
just incase you were wondering i chose it cos it means fire in arabic

i dont really have anyother advice ther than what the others have said

she who sees from up high smiles

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  Posted:Well then, seeing how my name means stupid, that post seems to suit a bit. But maybe I should become stupider... Not that I need to get stupider, I'm there a bit already *just got bad midterms results back*

Anywho... *yawns* I'm so tired, and really happy it's a Firday! YES!

Anywho, ON topic, just play around with words, really...!

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  Posted:can you guess what mine is, huh huh huh can ya can ya can ya????????????????????????????

thats right!

pringles bob it is!

nah dyke boy does me fire and dandy thank you very much

X x X x X

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  Posted:A name is a NAME is a Name.

If you want a label for occasional show work(a name), once say half a dozen times a year, then just choose what you like.

If you want a label to start out a performing career, and one that engendes interest (a Name) then go for something that isn't too offensive or scary (think of family audiences) and that is easy to pronounce and spell.

If you want a NAME, something that you can attach to your alreayd developed reputation, and that sets you distinctly apart from other performers, try something personal (eg Copper Top if you have red hair) that has a chance of people associating your name with you or your performance.

for all of them, avoid funyn spellings or hard to read/say names, as it makes you harder to find, and people are unlikely to refer you if they feel embarassed about saying your name wrong in front of other people...

Tell us a bit mroe about what you would like th ename to do, and maybe we can be a bit more constructive...

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