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Posted:Hey guys I am looking for some feedback on stage names... I have a show to do on saturday and I am having the worst time coming up with somthing with and aggressive,but controled name. Any suggestions not for name but maybe how to come up with one...


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Posted:Don't use "pyro" in your name. All the good "pyro" names have been taken.

I chose "Lightning" as my name (although it almost never gets used) because I love lightning and it has something to do with fire and light. Once I graduate medical school, I'll be DocLightning (I'll be one of the few people who uses "Doc" in his stagename and actually means it).

A lot of people choose something that sounds maybe a bit gothy or even Latin-inspired (Roman Latin, not Spanish Latin). Others (like Pele) base their names in mythology. I've definately heard of people calling themselves "Prometheus."

You might even want to base it on your name. If your name is actually Wilfred, then "WildFire," for example.

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