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Posted:Can anyone help me please, there's all this news about an apparent Royal Scandal and good old Prince Charlie has admitted his involvement, but being the Royalist (ahem) country we are the papers in England and Wales aren't allowed to print any details of what's happenning, although the Scottish and I think Northern Irish and of course the rest of the world can say what they like.

Would someone please enlighten me on what's happenned and what the case is actually about??

Thank you please

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Posted:The Sunday Herald printed it yesterday but not on their website. It's expected to be in the rest of the newspapers anyway in a few days.

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Posted:i heard something about him being bisexual and having something happen with his valet....or am i totally off the track?

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Posted:i could only find something about a sexual "incident" with a member of his staff...... but i can't tell you more. i think you can find more about that tomorrow on


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Posted:He is the suspect in the rape scandal, where Diana admitted to someone that she had the confession of a worker in the house saying a male Royal had raped him. The tape went missing and the Royal put a ban on the story being released(injunction against the papers i think?).
So theres the story so far, the butler had written about it in his autobiography and its all starting to leak through into the press. People want to expose the royals still after the death of Diana, could it all be linked???, i think so....

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Posted:Charles being shafted by a fairy in a pink tutu?

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