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Posted:I saw these in T.J Hughes (UK department store).

Although somewhat sceptical I bought one just to see if it worked.

Resolution is 352x288 when camera is set to high res mode (which gives you 20 pics)

Initial indoor experiments weren't too encouraging and it doesn't like low light levels.

Outdoor in daylight it seems ok.

Obviously the qualities not going to be brilliant at that price, but I reckon it's 13 well spent.

Came with driver software and some photo/video editing packages that I've not tried yet.

The instructions claim that it can shoot motion footage and be used for 'video conferencing', again, I've not got round to trying those yet.

Size is good 2 1/4 x 1 1/2 inches; it looks like one of those cheap toy cameras you used to get in 'lucky bags' as a kid- I've still not fully got over the fact that you can take pictures with the thing!

Here's some photos I took with it; you be the judge.
Non-Https Image Link

Non-Https Image Link

and here's one of the camera, via a mirror

Non-Https Image Link

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Posted:cheap and cheerfull


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now available in "advanced"
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Posted:looks pretty good to me for the bargain price of next-to-nothing!!

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Posted:looks pretty nasty imho. Pay double the price and you can get a camera that takes photos worth keeping. Anything under 1 megapixel is nasty to the point where the novelty wares off within days. I already have a expensive digital camera, but bought a 30 quid one for times when i didn't want to have an expensive one on me, but still be able to take decentish photos, ie out clubbing, free parties etc. Ironically the first free party i went to with it, some pisshead knocked it out of my hand onto concrete. It survived, but if i'd have had my expensive one it would probably have been a 50 quid repair bill at least.

As it happens thou I'm now going to ditch it. Anything without removable memory is worthless if you want to take semi important pictures, because when the battries run out you loose the photos. I went away this weekend for 3 days, putting a new set of duracell batteries in it. Took 14 pictures, but had it on quite a lot. When i got it home I found i had left it turned on, and with no autopower off it had run completely dead. All Pictures lost. Same thing has happened twice now, and I'm thoroughly pissed off with it. Combined with the fact that such cheap cameras perform miserably in low level light (mine has a flash, but it illuminated about 1 metre), i'm going to ditch it now and spend slightly more, going for something by a proper camera make (ie olympus, kodak etc) but under 100.

My advice is that if you have 15 quid with nothing to loose, then buy a shit one. You'll love it for a couple of days, then forget about it. If you're on a budget but can spend double, then you'll actually have a usuable camera. As an example of the quality my 30 quid one takes, have a look at:


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Posted:Thats the same camera i have and the best one for getting secret pictures of Pink Poi at clapham


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Posted:You can't really whinge for 13 quid can you?

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Posted:I'm getting one of these

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