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  Posted: I've just seen a thread with a link to an Italian site on Poi that had been 'automatically translated' in English, with amusing results.

So I had the idea of using the 'Babel Fish' automatic translator to convert some English to Italian, and then from Italian to English.

The post was my 'The Physics of Immortality' which probably didn't make much sense even in its original form; here it is: -

Subject: Physics of immortality.
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Anyone has read to frank Tiplers ' physics of immortality '? Tipler is a academic respected with the qualifications of the grad of the starter shaft in the cosmology, physics of quantum and science of calculation. Its book aimed to turn out, using the ideas in physics/computing/cosmology that to the time conclusion that all we will be ressurected to a afterlife eternal that is that the sight of judeo/christian essentially is corrected. Here a summary of the consise is a lot of the necessary one of its theory: - the human conscience is essentially a program that the brain works on the implantations (that is the implantations) and, like such, could be made to work that is on an artificial intelligence of equivalent of the silicone. It is little practical for humanities to explore/populate the universe transmitting people in the space, limitations taxes from the limitation for sub the clear speed, transporting the masses of the order of the cosmological distances of the surplus of the weight of the human body and carrying out the human life etc; it means that the only possible solution is that the small automated trade with the consciences of artificial intelligence goes preferibilmente. The systems will be cars that expedient that is can travel to a different system, to collect the matter and riprodurrsi; the copies can then travel over and making the same one. Such trade, piece of furniture close to the light speed, will be able popular the galaxy, then it crosses the wide distances galaxial finally popola Inter and the entire universe. For the moment in which this it happens the universe will have caught up the maximum expansion and the theory has begun it is contraction (is rested on the sight that the expansion universe ' is closed ' and will sink, rather than being ' it is opened ' and expanding itself for eternity- the Tipler it explains why the universe must be closed in the appedix scientific to the bottom of the book). Poich the universe obtains more neighbor to the relative adverse fate, the levels elevate you of cancellation will be too much for the matter like know it in order to exist and the aware units that popolano will have to be comprised on the systems subatomic of the particle. One what important to notice here is that percieved the flow of time ' of a based bear of need of conscience of artificial intelligence ' no relationship to flow of time in the external world that is that it could perceive ten second ones of life while in the real world a year passes. Conversly, conferred to computazione feeding sufficent (capienza of processor speed/memory) thousands screw could have lived in passing of ten second ones of ' real ' time. That is important because the system of elaboration on the place in the last reports of the existance of the universes will use the always increasing heat in order to allow the speed of greater elaboration. In these minuteren of last the relative feeding of computazione he will become therefore large that will decide enough average in order systematically to simulate the conscience of every who has never lived. Poich the simulation of a conscience is effectivly identical to the conscience originates them, the result is that we wish out of order individuals we will be ressurected to the time conclusion. I preview that the slyest between you tasks that ' that one seems to have the meant one, but, since the universe and all contains is second the pure ones via from destruction total, where ago the life part eternal enter it ' That is where it obtains intelligent, to sure point ch' the increasing level of heat of the sinking universe that is allows to the increase in the elaboration feeding outstrip the diminishing format of the universe the elaboration feeding wants more of the every double quantity for halving of the format of the world that provokes the following situation: - Format of universe 1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32......... di.0 feedings of elaboration 1 2 4 8 16 32......... infinite Therefore, while the continuous universe to format zero (is extremity), the elaboration feeding

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  Posted:Check this out:

Fun with Babelfish

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  Posted:Onewheeldave... are you perhaps a member of OI?? Cause I believe we did this one sometime in the summer. We had lotsa fun with it lol. But if you're not, and you just came up with it then Kudos.

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  Posted:its also funny to put really bad chat up lines in the translator, translate a few times, then back to english....

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  Posted:They probably just get better

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  Posted:I wonder what's hungarian for 'hovercraft' and 'eels'?

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  Posted:Ooh if u want some foreign insults then check out Its very funny!



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