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  Posted: i got a new puppy the other day and i think he is the cutest thing in the world pure breed long hair chihuahua. he is white. and 5.5 lbs. very quite.
any ways i want to hear about your pets?

some will understand. -buddah

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  Posted:so what, that makes the puppy a libra?

can you imagine a long hair libra chihuahua?!?

I don't have any pets right now...


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  Posted:Yay!! I love talking about my pets!! hehe good thread!!

Well, my puppy is no longer a puppy as such - she's a german shephard and she has paws the size of dinner plates! hehe. Her name is Zara and she definitely thinks she is a person! She has the most beautiful temperment and is my absolute saviour. She know just what to do when I'm upset -her cuddles are the best

The newest addition to our family is my bro's puppy dog who is also going to end up massive. He's a Bull Mastiff (sp?) and he's about 12 weeks old now and already growing SO fast! He's a real 'king of the house' so they called him Zeus (who was the god of all gods ) so they figure he's the dog of all dogs...hehe
My bro and his girlfriend live in town now so my Zara loves to go in an have play dates with her pal Zeus... Zara's going to regret a few things when Zeus catches up in size and can give as good as she takes! hehe

I used to have the most beautiful cats in the world too - two cats from the same litter - Ernie and Bert. Ernie died when I was little, but Bert only just died last year - she was 20 years old!! Such an awesome cat - she had a fantastic life, but I still miss her lots And yep, I know that Bert is a boy cats name, but they were both girls and the only explanation is that my Dad knows bugger all about veterinary type stuff! hehe

Oh, and I have two fish called Tarquin and Pindar....But they dont do much...hehe

That's my pet ramble for the day...!
Congrats on your new gorgeous puppy!!


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  Posted:My parents have 2 big, fat, neutered housecats.

I have a dwarf Egyptian gecko called Bob, who thinks he's a crocodile.

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  Posted:oooh yey!

i have a cat jasmine (minmin) shes himilayan(sp) and at the moment she is engrossed in destroying my mums birthday flowers she is very clever too, she can say 'Naaooooooo!', she can growl and she quacks at the birds outside the window!!

i did have a dog, austin, he was an american cocker spaniel. due to living rearragment we took him to Battersea dogs home to be rehomed,..the put him down! so anyone living in london who wants a dog, go to Battersea and get the dog so they dont put the poor buggers down!!

i too have a gecko, its a wild on that lives behind my wardrobe, its still a baby and is as yet unnamed

she who sees from up high smiles

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  Posted:whats he called??

she who sees from up high smiles

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  Posted:ooo, Flipmodius, I'd love to see a picture of your new puppy! I'm sure it's a doll!

As for myself, I have a little white terrier named Casey who is as sweet as she is dumb. Like you Pyro-Tech, she knows just when I'm upest and gives hugs. I live with my lil sis and she just got a 6 week old dachshund and named it Hamburger, or Hammy (get it, a wiener dog named Hamburger....yeah, I thought it was kinda silly too). She also has 3 ferrets: Dixie, Beasley, and Spaz. I don't care much for them cause they're a little too messey for me, but they are cute.

peace & light,

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  Posted:just to see what it would be like i tied a string to my pets tail and lit it on fire. the lights were cool but the sound...........just kidding

i had a five and a half foot latter back boa. the prettiest snake i had ever seen. her name was jasmine rain. when my grandparents found out they freaked sso i had to get find a good home for her. i took to a reptile sactuary. i am sure she is happy there.

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  Posted:quote: just to see what it would be like i tied a string to my pets tail and lit it on fire. the lights were cool but the sound...........just kidding
you get on just fine with Patrick.... he loves cat spinning...

"Here kitty kitty...." - Schroedinger.


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  Posted:quote:Originally posted by Dentrassi:
you get on just fine with Patrick.... he loves cat spinning... so does tigger

i used to have a snake...kahleb....he died the day i moved to denver i miss him

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  Posted:We have a small black Poodle-Terrier mix. She's quite old but still a nice pet to have around.

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  Posted:My puppy is a python named Fetch!


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  Posted:i have a 2 year old Rodhesian Ridgeback! she's still very much a puppy and loves to touch people. she won't stand on her own if she can stand on your foot or lean against you! and she's really strong! if she wants to to move in a certain direction she can push you there with her weight!
and she can be so stupid! she runs and tries to scratch her ear with her hind legs at the same time! then, cos she has her head backwards she smacks into things! but she has such a hard head she barely even flintches and keeps going like nothing ever happened!

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  Posted:I've got a border collie coming up 15 now. Still as mad as he ever was.

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  Posted:We have 9 fish and 4 chooks and the black hen is broody with 20 eggs under her.

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  Posted:I have 2 insane chickens called LiveWire and Dot. They live in my garden, but they're really tame and they seem to think i'm food> If you're wearing something with a pattern on they will try to eat the pattern!

Marf. XxX

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King Of Bongo

King Of Bongo

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  Posted:2sweet kitties... good for Poi.

i miss em- they're in madrid, i'm in bristol.

but I'm sure they're lazing about doing nothing, and so am I... so there's a weird connection in there somewhere!

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  Posted:I have a cat called fudge, she is so smart she can sit and jump through a hoop and she will go anywhere i point

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my turn, my turn...
We finally picked her up last night!
bounce bounce2 bounce bounce2 bounce bounce2
Here she is...

I smile because I have no idea what is going on...


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  Posted:so cute

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  Posted:AAaaaaaaaawwww!!! ubblove

Puppies and kittens are always so cute! My boyfriend has persuaded our landlord to let us get a cat. I've wanted one for years, but now it's become possible I'm feeling a bit daunted by the responsibility!

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