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Posted:I figured I would share my adventure this eve...We all met out at a local beach(clearwater beach) and not as soon as we drop our gear down, another fire performer that had just arrived(prolly recoginzed the familiar white bucket, and misc fire gear), he walked up and introduced himself and invited us into his show. I lit up my poi for the first time. Was an absolutely amazing experience. Almost spiritual. I can't think of anything else that describes it. But a word to the wise for anyone else about to light up for the first time. Don't use charcol lighter fluid. :P It evaporates quick, burns quick, burns brighter though, but lamp oil makes more of a WOOSHING sound.
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The flames circling my body, it was as if I was in a completely different mental state than I had ever been in before. I was controlling the poi, not my hands. I was telling the poi to go front, back, staggered, corkscrew, *tired*, back to butterfly and on and on. Was totally amazing. It's hard to keep myself from wanting to just go outside and light em up right now. But Rule #1..never light up alone. :P I have soot marks in various shapes and sizes, (and angles), all over my back. I burned myself nice and good on my right bicept. I guess the metal burned me, becuase it isnt a clean burn. It's like someone branded me with various shaped items. :P I got overzealous and decided to try an arm(forearm) wrap. Didnt turn out good.
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I pulled it off alright..but the metal hit my skin and scraped it, and cooked it all at the same time. LEaving me with burn #2. :P However the minor burns elsewhere barely hurt at all, and could just be considered normal poi aches and pains. :P We completely used up an entire gallon of pure lamp oil, an entire plastic bottle of charcol fluid, and an entire small(regular lamp size) bottle of lamp oil, all in one jam session. Only two of us to all of this fuel. I burned at least 7-8times. However, since I didnt bring enough lamp oil, I was forced to spin them out(to put the flame out) and as a result, I got to watch my wicks smoke for a few mins. Word to the wise to those of you who dont have a set of fire gloves. Get NOMEX gloves..most army navy stores have them. Nomex is fire retardant (not heat resistant). Good for a spotter to have one handy in case they need to grab a burning poi. I have a set of Neoprene gloves I Bought from Home Depot(I plan on buying a set of nomex as well), they worked rather well, for switching off poi heads while hot. I said my prayer (and thank you) that we didnt have to use our fire extiguisher, or put any body fires out tonight.Waiting with anticipation for the next burn(tomorrow)..plur,CRD


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Posted:CRD, Congratulations!
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You looked good out there too. Next weekend will be even better.



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Posted:Soooooo jealousss.....
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JeannieP.S.- reading about everyone's forays into fire, it's beyond my willpower to keep from going out and lighting up myself, BY myself, in my LIVINGROOM. Lol! I'm just lucky I don't have any fire-poi heads. Otherwise, I'd be toasted-jeannie right about now. ------------------" preciso amar as pessoas como seNo houvesse amanh." We must love as if there was no tomorrow.

preciso amar as pessoas como se
No houvesse amanh.
We must love as if there was no tomorrow.



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Posted:yay for crd!! ::hugs:: glad you got to final make it back into our happy lil group.. we missed you
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congrats again on your first time light up and your first fire performance, you did great!------------------What we call human nature, is actually human habit.

Its hard not to play when theres so many toys.


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