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Posted:Was wondering if anyone had any tips on this?

I'm on windows 98 using 'Roxio Easy CD creator 5'.

Since day one I've had major problems with it and tried various stuff to remedy it.

I've done all the obvious stuff like using 'ctrl/alt/del' to shut down all programs running in the background, and, by doing this, have managed to burn cd's by persistence and having to throw out the odd failed cd.

Main problem has been with data backup cos it tends to burn the cd but is unable to read it afterwards (bizarrly it only has problems with the cds it has written itself, other cds work fine); I've got round this by switching in an older cd player if I need to retrieve data.

This has been a pain, but bearable until today when I've wasted 6 cds attempting to do a back up which still didn't work.

It seems to do better at making music cds, but obviously the data back up is way more important.

To give some specifics, when writing data cds it often gives a stupidly long estimation of time remaining e.g. 174 mins then locks, or gets almost to the end then locks.

Anyone had similar problems and managed to resolve them?

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Posted:I dont know if Im having the same problem as you but Im also having problems with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5. It will start burning the CD but randomly, it will just stop. The little animation keeps going and everything but the progress bar stops moving. I have not resolved this problem and actually suspected my CDR drive. If it is a problem with the software, Ill be very happy.

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Posted:I use adaptec or nero, but on my version of ez cd creator has a checkbox for buffer underwrite prevention, has helped out immensely.

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Posted:Yup I've had problems too, it sqrewed every fifth CD or so. Re-install or go to Nero, it's the business.

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Posted:mine says its roxio 5 basic, and it dosnt work very well, it usually locks up on about 96% but weirdly what ever you record is playable back (music wise), which i didnt think was supposed to happen............

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