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Posted: help, i need good sources on History Of Poi, staff, meteor, breathing, ect... and stuff about the subculture currently surrounding them. i also need sites about pyromania and the effect of fire on the brain

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Posted:im pretty sure this site has some information on History Of Poi.... *has a nose around*


go to where it says 'home of poi' at the top left of this page and click on 'what is poi?' and there is lots of information there, and another link to more history information

happy searching.

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Posted:As Poi is a Maori thing you could probably find loads of information if you search under that on the web. I know most libraries have information about it too.


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Posted:To what extent do people see the origins of Poi as being Maori?

I know that it's were they started, and where the name comes from, but what they actually did with Poi doesn't seem very similar to what people are doing with them now.

I'm not wanting to take anything away from the Maori origins; but it does seem that so much has been contributed, in terms of technical moves, as well as the developing Poi culture and philosophy, since they went global, that what we see as spinning today is largely independant of them.

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Posted:quote: effect of fire on the brain i dont possess a brain.....

anyways, if you want im happy to up something for you about spinning and the 'subculture' as i see it in sydney. pm me if your interested.

also, you may find this link very useful

the london factor

posted by NYC, it goes into what he sees the important factors in technical ability in the london spinning community.

good luck.

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Dirty Marmite Spider:
As Poi is a Maori thing you could probably find loads of information if you search under that on the web. I know most libraries have information about it too. Would be rather cool to go visit and see the real thing in action eh I'd imagine there's a good thesis to be written in watching the growth and change in Poi methods around the world



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Posted:Club swinging's also worth looking at. If you look around the web there's loads of history on it. I know it's not the same but modern Poi resembles it more than my impression of what Maori Poi was....this is an impression I've gotten from what other people have said, so no offense to anyone.

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