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Posted:Hey all,

I was wondering what some of you thought about Singapore. There are several job openings available for what I do there, and I am contemplating applying for them.

I would love to know if those of you who have visited there enjoyed your stay and what you thought of the country in general. Is there any sort of fire community there at all? There are only 2 people listed in the meet others section, and the only person to ever post about living there and wanting company never got any responses.




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Posted:i personally have never been there but my dad has and apparently its very clean!?!and thats the exstent of my knowledge about the place..but i am an expat (brit livingin the middle east)and i suggest going into different search engines and type in 'expat singapore' or 'american expat singapore' and it should come up with a whole load of stuff.
in the mean time apply for the jobs, you have nothing to loose, if you decide its not for you in the end you can always turn the job down.
good luck

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Location: Galveston, TX
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Posted:Thanks, Narr. I will try that. The most useful site I have found so far seems to be an expat one. I'm thinking one of the reasons the country is so clean is that they don't allow any kind of chewing gum there. Odd.



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Posted:do not, under any circumstances, get caught with drugs there!

It is a very clean place, though I only remember it from 20 years ago when I was 13, and even then my biggest memory of it was watching some kid blow chunks in the McDonald's!


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Posted:an example of the extremety of cleanliness in singapore - gum is illeagal. i'm just remembering from my friend's comments who spent some time there. i think the cleanliness goes hand in hand with strictness and expensiveness. Give it some research. I'm more curious myself now.


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Posted:My brother is living over there and another friend also. No complaints about Singapore except that it would probably be a little dull compared to other Asian countries. Still, think what a great base for travelling would be.

Don't think they would have a big spinning community somehow but you could start one.

Good luck

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Posted:Singapore is not that strict anymore but I wouldnt provoke it!
Fire community - some good spinners, but no regular meeting. Check out the Youth Park meeting on Friday evenings (Somerset MRT Station) - mostly jugglers, but they can give you contacts of fire spinners.
If you want some specific information or tips PM me

enjoy your stay

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