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tau neutrino
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Posted:Ok okay. i am getting really bored in singapore. worked my ass off..and the travel bug is itching me.

ok have saved enough money to get my ass out of this place for a time.... Any suggestions? One option i have is to fly to sydney see a friend and join him in going to Byron Bay. Think i will meet lots of fire people there? Are any of you going there? is anything going on there?

i do know that i do not want to be stuck in the middle of auld lang syne chorus with a bunch of drunk frat boys... (no offence but not my thing). i would rather burn something with a bunch of fire people. a perfect venue for me would be in the middle of an outdoor trance event with lovely people.

any ideas? i am prepared to go somewhere totally out there as long as i know something cool is going on.(within certain budget limits) i was considering morocco for a new year trance event on the sahara... but sadly i think i will save Africa for another day.. what are you lovely people doing? make a pitch , maybe i will pack my bags and see you there...there is an adrenaline rush in going to a totally werid place to meet total strangers...

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