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Posted:as onewheeldave said, recently there have been a number of threads on depression, self harm, panic attack etc., i mean i went into the search engine and there are 46 threads on depression alone. so i thought to make it easier for people to find help i'd start this thread. i am hoping that it will provide people with support and knowledge about these illnesses.

Depression links

royal college of psychiatry
- this provides excellent info on depression and its different treatments
depression alliance organisation
- same as above
Go holistic
- for those of you who don't want to go onto medication
the black dog - nutrition
- this is a very interesting article about how eating can help with depression etc. 'you are what you eat'. the rest of the site is also very informative

Self Harm

no although i have never had to deal with this, i found this site which i think is very helpful,
self harm
- it is written by someone who has had to deal with it and has lots of informative links

Panic Attacks
- this talks about what the triggers may be, and how to cope and change your trains of thought - i have had to and still do deal with panic attacks and i covers everything i wanted to know

i hope this serves its purpose, and hopefully you'll all add other sites that people will find useful on this subject - remember none of you are alone in this, millions of people have had to cope with the very same things, we are all here to support you.
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Posted:yeah these forums do seem to have more than their fair share of doom and gloom


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Posted:i was thinking that too. could it have anything to do with the time of year? or do these posts crop up all year round?

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Posted:Maybe this erray of depression information and sources have been around for a while, but the general population haven't really been aware of it. There's so much out there to help... But I do feel that it's becomming a more 'common' illness only because people are more open to expressing it.

In the olden, olden days, anyone who had signs of depression or psychosis was thought to be posessed by an evil spirit and executed! I guess society has been forced to be ashamed of it... but no longer!!!

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Posted:It is becoming more prevelant because of the types of societies that we live in...theft, rape, murder is on the uprise...the world is not a happy place and the people are suffering the consequences.

Depression does become more prevelant during Winter as is a well known fact that the body can react to the seasons in bad ways (know as SAD). It's like a seasonal depression.

Not trying to be mean here either but depression is also on the uprise because it has become a word that is losely thrown around...a bit like when you have a common cold and you tell people you have the flu....sometimes people say they are depressed but they are really only feeling down in the dumps...please don't take that the wrong way I am not in any way saying that it is the case on these posts.

Take care.


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Posted:Personally, I think it is becoming more prevelant because we are finally taking the time to notice and even admit to it.


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Posted:In terms of how prevalent it is on HoP, I think it does go a little in cycles. We get a big influx of new people, and we all do frivolous posts for a bit, then we start really getting to know one another. We were about due for an important getting to know you session.

Yes, I do think depression is more prevalent in society. I have no evidence to back this up except my own experience. I think every single one of my current group of friends has suffered from depression at one stage or another.

Helpful stuff:

Explanations of depression

Most people think depression is just about being sad. It isn't, it can be this but it can also be very different. Some people complain of feeling very numb, just unable to feel any emotion.

Depression can also involve emotional outbursts, like uncontrolled weeping and panic attacks.

Explanation of panic attacks

A panic attack can be an incredibly unsettling experience. Imagine you are being stalked by a tiger. Imagine all the physical symptoms you would experience (fast heart beat, sweating, mind racing, shaking and shivering, etc). Now imagine you are feeling all those symptoms, but there is no tiger. That is what a panic attack is, feeling all the physical symptoms of being paralysed with fear, with no reasonable cause for that fear. They can happen for minor reasons (getting lost, someone raising their voice at work) and in this case you may make the reason more important than it is. Or they may happen for no reason at all.

Mike lightening, if you are around, I would love if you could post an explanation of medical professionals in mental health (who does what, etc)

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Posted:Oh, and once upon a time Dom gave me some excellent advice about vitamin deficiencies caused by stress etc. Dom? We need your help!!!

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...


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Posted:I think the important thing is that people need to understand that depression is a real disease and that it needs to be treated.

Of course you should have good nutrition on board and you should practice some daily centering activity that lets you clear your head (like spinning). There are many, many elements to depression.

But it's also important to be followed by a professional who can keep an eye on you and make sure that you get the help you need should you take a sudden turn down the tubes. I've already lost two friends to suicide because they thought that they could take care of it themselves. I'd like to not accumulate any more.

-Mike )'(
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