My hairs on fire

My hairs on fire

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Posted:Hello everyone!

Well im back from the UK after my little mental health holiday from uni an thought ide say heeeeeeeeelo again.

Had the bestest time ever, such a hectic week.

Got to see all of ''ze lads'' again witch was pretty sureal at first but yea very cool. avent really slept for a week but ile survive!

Thing is its jus made me wanna move back to the UK even mre grrrrr, we will see i geuss!

Went out an got loose pretty much every nyt which prbs didnt do my liver any good but damn it was fun! too many random brusies cuts and general drinking related injurys for my liking tho.

Went to a club in southampton called cube, the scratch perverts, adam f and dj plus one were all there eek what a night! got completly rat arssed, managed to spin some glow sticks that a nice lady let me have a go on, and raved haaaaard! all ending up with me falling asleap flat on my face in the hallway of my mates dorms hahaha ubblol

It even snowed wen i was at the airport coming home.not having anyone to play with meant a rather heafty snowball being thrown at a security guard instead ubbloco

Only one downer reali, my ex well an truely is my ex now. Looks like my feelings for her are pretty one sided. witch reeali hurts to be honest but im gonna ave to deal with it sumhow or ile just mess myself up even more. Sori ladyeez but i hate women. well not reali but just what dey do to my head in all fairness.

Well sori for the randomness but im bored an still running over everythin dat happened this week!Will prbs add wen my memory clears off to read the 100 odd pages of topics that ive missed out on, might be here for a while eh!?

Well hope all is cool for everyone, byebye.


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Hope all is well : )

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Posted:wave hiya!

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