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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Berlin
Member Since: 25th Sep 2002
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Posted:I'm not complaining just offering a solution that occured to me today while I'm behind my deadline at work

I wonder would it be a good idea to have a thread or maybe a page with frequently asked questions on it. An example would be a post on a thread asking the question then with a number of links on the post to various threads that alread exist. That way when a classic comes up we can have a link to the FAQ, which will contain links too all the threads. It's also less rude than telling people to to do bleedin search and also if people read the FAQ they'd be less likely to ask the questions in the first place. All adding to less threads and bandwidth and such and such.

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Bristol, UK
Member Since: 19th Dec 2001
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Posted:This shouldn't be a thread as it'll sink off page one. It should be on the menu, at the top of the forum list, or the home page.

However experience and studies show that no matter where you put this information, people will still post the same questions again and again!

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Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: sheffield
Member Since: 28th Aug 2002
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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Jafar:
...It's also less rude than telling people to to do bleedin search.... I'm glad that someone else has picked up on the rudeness often exhibited when some one asks a question that's been covered before.

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Liquid Cow
Location: High Wycombe, England
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2001
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Posted:Would there be a way of making a thread 'sticky'?
I've seen it used on other boards to keep a thread from falling off the bottom of a page.

I know what's going to happen though, people will just start saying 'Read the FAQ!!' when new members inevitably don't bother reading it

Still, it might encourage people to be more polite, and maybe even provide a link to the FAQ, so I think it's a good idea.

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big and good and broken
Location: lunn dunn, yoo kay
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Posted:there's already a nice search function (different to the normal one) under a heading 'Help - FAQ'.

but no-one ever uses that either!

[incidentally, when you select to search in 'poi moves' only, an error message occurs "Error: unable to lookup name 'Poi moves Discussion'."]

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HOP admin
Location: HOP
Member Since: 18th Nov 2003
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Posted:quote:Originally posted by coleman:
there's already a nice search function (different to the normal one) under a heading 'Help - FAQ'.

but no-one ever uses that either!

Actually that HELP button gets used over 150 times a day. All searches are logged so if people do not find the answer we can write a page with the answer on it.

However I agree that on the surface it looks as if no one uses it.

In the HELP forum it asks users to do a search first and provides a Search box.

We just have to get used to the idea that people find it easier to email a question or post a new thread.

I suppose that comes from living in the real world whereas I would ask someone in the same room a quick question rather than go and search through a FAQ book for the answer. We are a social race after all

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