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  Posted: I was watching a news item on tv this morning talking about how the american government is spending millions getting teachers to encourage students to be abstinent until married.
I thought it would be a good topic for everyone's discussion

I think someone should spend millions teaching the opposite purely coz it would annoy the american government who i hate.

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  Posted:Umm Regyt, we are both saying that she cant go back to a normal life. So it doesnt matter what she does, she cant get back to a normal life.

Whoa there speedy!! A child is not out to kill the mother. In order for self defence to be a viable case, you have to proove that the other person(s) were trying to harm you, be out numberd and a few other things.

A baby, though accidents can happen in birth, is not capable of taking a womans life. At least not intentionally.

But your right it is off topic.

Vanize, this is a debate club? I mean, should we go back and list the names I have been called... just in this thread? So... how old are you Vanize?

Woodnymph, and that is supposed to mean what?

Vanize, you really do need to just leave this thread, you have nothing constructive to say, your just out to put people down.

Some Jarhead last night: "this dumb a$$ thinks hes fireproof"



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