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Just did my first TV show, a seven minute slot on Arabian satellite TV network.

Flown out to Beriut to film in large studio with live audience etc.

Tap Dogs from OZ, Art of War from New York and Heliosphere on same show.

Five star hotel etc.

Top job.

Apparently they want us for one in spain too!


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well done
if the one in spain is in madrid, pm me and i'll be there...

Don't you destroy your enemy by making him your friend?? - Rev Bem (Magog), Andromeda

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Congrats Axis!! Did Mr Teeth make an apperance?

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Sadly Mr Teeth couldnt be there, however he will be performing at the Royal Festival Hall, London with Gandini Juggling on the 21st and 22nd of January.

I have already done some test shots performing fire for a TV graphics company. They want me to do another shoot in January. It looks like i will be the 'ident'(like the Rank gong man, or the MGM lion) for Viasat - Europes second biggest broadcaster.

Which may mean that i will be on TV several times a day all accross northern europe, with a potential audience of a quarter of a billion people . They want to shoot me performing half naked - so i am trying to get into shape (down the gym every day until the day of filming phew!).



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