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Next person who says that gets slapped.

And not the next person who says that just to get slapped, but the next knucklehead that brags about how quickly they learned whatever it is that they learned in however few months that they've been spinning deserves the same slap that any pathetic bragger would get.

I'm finding it funny that poi people don't brag about how good they are... they brag about how good they are per time. As if dividing by time somehow makes the brag acceptable.

I'm a mid-level spinner who spins if and when he feels like it. I'm tired of people coming up to me and telling me how much better than me that they are "..and I've only been spinning for.."

You win.

You're special.

You get the "I've spun poi for 24 hours a day for the past 6 months just so I could have something in my life that I was better than someone" award.

Please stop telling me about it. Please stop desperately seeking my approval, admiration, and respect because you're not gettin any of em.

Does this go on elsewhere as well? (Sorry for the rant.)

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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Hey good news. Today i managed a 5 beat reverse weave

And I've only been spinning for 17 months....

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CantusSILVER Member
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Originally posted by NYC:
Please stop desperately seeking my approval, admiration, and respect because you're not gettin any of em.
Fairy Em?

"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
" a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean

oliSILVER Member
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i just think, people should remember its not a competion.

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surely, spinning is all about personal enjoyment and there is no element of competition at all!

yeah its great to learn a new move, but then the enjoyment should come from being able to teach it to others, not from bragging about how goodyou are or how quickly you learn - that doesn't do anyone any favours!

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i totally get what your saying, but generally people that do it are newbies, and theres your answer, they're new and its all new, and exciting.

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I am with you on that one but coming from a different angle...

I sometimes get amazed how fast people learn amongst the newbies... things that took us a month, took our grandma a year to figure out, now takes them 5 minutes of watching somebody else... but does that really matter ?

information are more easily available now
and also people have different learning curves, different motivations...

but i do not think it is only the poi that sees people saying i have only been spinning , running, playing for X amount of time...

things have to be fast, efficient, impressive... how boring...

but some of it also comes from posting a lot on hoP and people thinking it automatically means you have to be good... and if you are not what they thought you would be then they express thei disappointment.... like I am responsible if you thought I am someone else ???

but all that does not really matter, does it ? who cares about those people with an attitude ???
hugs and smiles

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Originally posted by C@ntus:
Hey good news. Today i managed a 5 beat reverse weave

Hey, I can't even do that.
But then again I've only been spinning for 25 months.

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

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It IS a competition and I'm winning
And I've only been spinning for 2 years...

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i wonder what would happen if u tried spinning in zero-g

one thing's for certain, it would look amusing

telicI don't want a title.
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Dude, people who started yesterday are way better than me.

And that's cool.

But sometimes I try to use how short a time I've been spinning as an excuse for how little I know... I anticipate someday being able to say: "Of course I don't have the reverse 5 beat weave down yet. I've only been spinning 20 years!"

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NYC, first of all *standing ovation*
Secondly, I seem to recall your making a post like this about a year or so ago.
And lastly (and quite frightening) it is not just with poi...I have been getting several "I have been firebreathing two weeks and I am an expert" sh!t.
Not only does it make me sad to hear this but it also pisses me off to know end. The arrogence is astounding. And that they do it in the face of people who have been doing such things *YEARS* longer than they is insulting at best. I miss the whole, "let's just share" attitude, you know?
...okay....I think I need to put my hands down and back away from the computer! .....

*sorry for the is something that has been getting to me lately too*

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shadow steppinofficial hop irken
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everything is a competition on some level. thats what keeps alot of people pushing to learn more. i know what you mean about people that brag though. i would be embaressed if i caught myself bragging about my skill level. not to mention a person looks 10 times more skillful if they pull off some amazing feat and then act like it was nothing that they are impressed with rather then saying how wonderful and great they are. especially with poi i think there is alot of grey area even if you wanted to it would be hard to say whos better then who. its relative anyway and to me its all about my personal enjoyment and personal accomplishment. not someone elses.

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A friend of mine recently told my boyfriend that his girlfriend was better than me at poi. I didn't mind, mainly because I considered his statement too vague. She can spin in ways I cannot, I can spin in ways she cannot. But together, we can spin in great ways

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If your so damm sh!t hot then why dont you just **** off?


thats nice tom, have you seen this one?

This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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shadow steppinofficial hop irken
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you should kick her ass!!


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i think we have all done that....

the only people i hassel are for info or approval on my gear i make or moves i do, so i always ask Onewheel dave for advice, and opinoion (and seals of aproval) for my gear, cos her answers me in a nice manner and is a truly nice man, both mentaly and spiritualy!

i am going to say sorry to you all now if that s how i come across, its just howi am, i am that kind of guy who likes to ask questions ands ask for advice, andis it comes out as "im better than you" then i am sooo sorry its not supposed to at all!


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arsnHow do you change this thing???
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Today I learnt how to stand up with out falling over... and I've only been walking for about nineteen years... ( well I wasn't walking when I was under one... )...

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I wanted to respond to this since I have several hobbies in several different stages of personal expertize ... drinking I am GOOD at!

I know when I started (swing) dancing in the later 90's, I thought I was pretty hot shit . Of course the reality was exactly the opposite BUT I was a little blinded by a few things. (1) I was rarely exposed (at that time) to people who really were good let alone great. And, (2) I had absolutely no idea of the intricacies involved in the art. I thought the steps were all there were to it. And I quickly learned a lot of steps ... making me really good really fast right? Um. No.

There were all sorts of things that I was clueless about: frame, finesse, moving in *sync* with the music, and REALLY hard moves that a beginner doesn't even notice because the moves were so damned subtle that you had to have experience even to SEE them. I have been dancing intensively for 5 years now. I am good. I still don't kick ass ... compared to the people who have put in the time and have the talent.

Now that I am starting this hobby of hitting myself in the back of my head with my poi ... I see that happening with other folks. We all thrill with the accomplishment of doing something right and I DO get excited about the moves I have learned in my two paltry weeks of spinning.

And we should get excited! We are forcing ourselves to learn entirely new body movements and starting to grasp all the information the momentum at the end of the chain is actually telling us. BUT, we should not think by any stretch of the imagination that we are awesome ... because in all likelihood in a month or a year or a decade we will look back on our hubris and cringe ... and wish we had never opened our mouths. I know we like to feel special and learning something quickly makes us feel good about ourselves. Don't, however, think that the other spinners out there are not just as special ... didn't learn as quickly or progress as fast ... or don't have something to teach you ... because as soon as you do someone will spank your ass with that idea.

I do agree with one other poster, however. When we beginners do open our mouths and something like a brag comes out of it, more often than not we are looking for acceptance. Common ground so to speak. Asking perhaps, can I be an official poi spinner if I know the whateverthef*ck move? On a board filled with experts (among others) I have felt like I needed to prove I wasn't still working on the forward spin (which I am ... why WON'T the left poi stay in a nice upright side plane???) before I could ask someone's advice on the whateverothertheh*ll move which I know is beyond me but I want to learn anyway.

My 2 cents ... with and


PeleBRONZE Member
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Kristie and Mechhead, asking for advice is one thing. Asking opinions on how you do or have made something is just fine as well. Being excited over what you learned should happen. I still does with me and I have been doing this a fair bit of time, and even after years I am still just mediocre.
BUT..we are talking about the people who will say "Did you see what I just did? Man...I am so freakin' awesome. I can wipe the floor with your arse. Oh and, if you want help...feel free to ask me." It really toasts the biscuits.

(And Kristie, are you making sure that your wrist is facing skyward? Sometimes even the slightest tilt of it downward can cause the poi to go astray. No just have what I call "With Stupid" syndrome. My left always takes longer to commit to body memory so as I joke I used to write on my right palm.."I'm with stupid" and an arrow pointing to the left. )

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GnorBRONZE Member
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The two people I have had the most to do with Poi wise have been the most positive influence and celebrate each time we get a move to work. Yay. So far havent hit the god I am wonderful stuff.

Most of the new converts around us are learning so quickly and we are the ones going you have picked up doing " blah blah" in the first session. Sensational .

Working with Fi and Margit is incredible. Then last night we met another twirler with the same attitude of -share my everything- and the sheer enjoyment that he took in spinning was magic.

My poi pal just left to go back to Germany and couldnt take her poi on the plane so now I have a very loved pair of HOP fire poi.

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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Thanks for the advice! My left hand is definitely stupid!

I just want to acknowledge the distinction and clarify that while I completely agree with your dislike of braggarts (... this SHOULD be about learning, advancing the art, and FUN, NOT beating someone at the game). I just think that some of the posts (I am assuming the same ones struck me ...) that spurred NYC's initial post were made by folks who were enthusiastically overstating thier skills as opposed to bragging outright.

I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time ... but my reality is so much nicer when I think everyone else is too!

And my own little enthusiasm just has to leak over here ... last night I DANCED with my poi for the 1st time. At home, with my very limited set of moves, to some CD's dear friends had made for me, I danced and spun and repeatedly whacked myself with my chain poi for 3 hours and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Now my arm are sore, but in that oh-so-very-nice way ...


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(Ex-swing dancer/fire spinner from California? I thought I was the only one... but I haven't put the two-tones on in years )

Well, I'm glad to see that there's some support and thanks to those that did. I did post on it a while back but recently I've been thinking it needs it's own thread. I don't think it's a newbie thing... at least I know I never felt the urge to brag when I was a newbie.

I've seen people learn REALLY fast and become amazing in no time while still remaining modest, polite, and respectful.

It still does seem odd that people know it's wrong to brag about raw skill level, so they brag about the speed that they've gotten there. My recent realization has been that it's JUST as inappropriate, cocky and competitive.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

flidBRONZE Member
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2 hours.

If you can't do inner hyperloops and throws within 30 mins then you're just s**t

ValuraSILVER Member
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This thread is one that hits really close to home for a few reasons...
I dont twirl for the crowd... I twirl for my pleasure and recently my pleasure for poi has been dropping because I have found that people around me are sneering "why havent you learnt anything new latley?" and " oh that is so easy " etc...
Now I know that I shouldnt let it effect me but it does and quite often I will sit down and watch instead of twirling...arsn has noticed this and has commented on this, but I just feel that it is being ruined for me....
People (espically at burleigh) seem to have started the whole "Check me out! Im so great because Im doing stupid dangerous shit, and I have only been twirling for 3 months....that makes me ultra cool" and I get really shitty at that because obviously they have NO IDEA!!!
I would like to twirl in a group of people who are there to learn and extend their skills with out the ego base...
a bit of friendly ribbing is healthy because it encrouages you to extend yourself, but when it becomes downgrading... im not into that and I will just walk away and play somewhere else...
thats my bitch for the day... Im chicken Valura

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FlyntSILVER Member
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ok, so I'm not entirely sure I should post this, because I love that some people get moves quickly and thats fantastic. But I love the people that have to do the same move every afternoon for a month just to nail it, more because they earnt it.

Some people have talent, others practice. I have a really slow learning curve, so it doesnt surprise me at all when others outstrip me.

Valura darlin, I sort of know what you are sayin! Last week I had the odd experience that every time I wandered off to practice by myself, I'd look up and be surrounded by people asking me to teach them a new move. Now, while I appreciate this most of the time, because I love so very much to see other folk nailing a hard won move, Last week I found it totally intimidating. I'm not a great spinner, I'm average for sure, and I really just wanted to spend some time spinning for myself, but couldnt get far enough away for long enough to have a breather!

I also wish people would recognise that this is just as hard, if not harder for me, as it is for them. I'm not gonna have new moves every week, i just CANT! It'd be neat if just maybe they could work by themselves and teach ME a new trick!

Sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place here, dont really want to have to turn people away when they want to learn, but really just need time to dance and NOT perform for once....

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am the most unco twirler there is
totaly no cowordination in my left hand unless its following the right
always amazes me wheni can do new tricks but not after clobering myself in the head and between the legs at lest 50 times before is get it

and then watch some little brat get up and do it in 2 goses

feel like raping the poi around there head

im with you all the way nyc

down with little showoffs

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KatBRONZE Member
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Don't rape the poi Brainstorma - its not that type of toy!

Remember, poi is meant to be *fun* not a game of 'anything you can do I can do better'. Although probably you can

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Valura honey I'm behind what you say 100%
I feel what you feel Princess!

NCY thank you for starting this thread.


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DeepSoulSheepGOLD Member
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Yup I've noticed a number a folk like this round the place. Most don't seem to be asking for approval so much as demanding their own magnificance.

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.

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Hm, allthough I agree with your opening post I must say that approval of others is a great motivation that some people seek without knowing they are being irritating.
For example; you see someone do a amazing poi move and are desperate to learn it yourself, the movie says he is doing poi for [a long while] and you manage to do it after a few day's of training.
You can do it, but it still isn't quite the way it looks on the video.

BUT! you are overwhelmed with personal proud of the fact that you(yes you) actually learned a great move that others will find difficult.

Anxious(typo?) to show the world what you have learned you go to a pip meeting and spinn around. But no one really is paying attention to you, and the people who actually can do you "amazing move!" don't give you any attention/credit.
So, considering you want to have some personal boost of glory(well, some sort of) you tell them you have learned it in a few day's(not knowing the performer in the video proppably did the same). And then his uber-move gets burned down to the ground by people who are allready past this.

So, please, think about the newbies, they are looking up to you guy's! Your word is a blessing to them. So, if you should encounter a newbie like this, think about the personal boost it will give them is you just say "Well, that is really nice, but [insert advise here]." the newbie feels great and has something to learn to improve itself and lift his personality to your level.
Where they don't care anymore if the move is learned in e few hours or a few years, but where they do poi, and doing it the way it should be.

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