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Posted: ok, so my name was phobos, then i had to change my account, so i came onto this one and my name was lizzabella, but i wanted my Phobos name back..but it wont let me, 'cause its registered on my other account...and i cant remember that one...arrg! anyways. I just wanted to say something because I havent posted in a while.

man, it makes you wanna shoot them in the face and beat them with baseball bats, doesnt it?

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Posted:Good lord that was a confusing post!




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Posted:someone i know neededs to lay off the happy juice!

JinX : If it doesnt kill you it makes you stronger

The spin cycle on the washing machine does not make earth worms dizzy.
It will however make cats dizzy and cats throw up twice their bodyweight when dizzy.


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