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  Posted: i was just watching totp2 and it had some Poi on it! it was on the video for you make me feel mighty real. legs and co were spinning with some Glow Poi using som kerr-azy effects to make it look better. pretty weird huh?

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  Posted:yah, i saw that, was really anoyed i couldent see what they were doing, then i realised they wernt doing anything, and they were glowsticks. Oh well, guess Ill give up now...


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  Posted:I just saw that! And that video of Legs & Co is 25 years old! How ahead of their time were they!!

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  Posted:i saw totp2 too, but must have missed that bit, obviously not as observant as you lot


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  Posted:I was working on making some electric Poi with the tv in the background and I looked up and saw them.

Sadly it was towards the end and though I could see they were waving what looked like glowing Poi around I couldn't tell if they did any Poi Moves.

Still it was pretty cool especially with it being 25 years ago.

Did anyone tape it, it'd made a great clip for the video section.

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