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Posted: by Lamar
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"I discovered the whole 'poi' thing because of glowsticks and right now I spin poi during the day and sticks at night, but I really want to graduate up to fire at some point. What I'm m..."
Posted: by Peregrine
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"found this website which has 'traditional poi' and a lot of other stuff including samoan knives (anyone do fire knife dancing?)...though i don't know about their quality..."
Posted: by bhawk
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Hey, I was looking for glowsticks on the internet and I saw that is selling 30 expired glowsticks for $10Has anyone tried this before? do they even work? (some of t..."
Posted: by Twist
Last Reply: by Twist
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"OK ballchain users... I love mine, but my crew and I are having problems... my basic design has been to put a ball chain connecter on each end of the chain, thread a quick link through ..."
Posted: by emptyset
Last Reply: by Plazma
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"I have never made a certain routine to a piece of music or event and i can't seem to find a reason to. for some reason it seems to take a little bit of the fun and adventure out of the..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by eturn80
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"Hey,I just started twirling this weekend; my cousin introduced me to the concept while clubbing, and I think it's greatWhat I use though, is probably to short of a cord (about a foot); ..."
Posted: by Ajtag
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"next time you have a bottle of the evil stuff... cokeput a hole in the lid then attach some string and wahey you have poi.. and you can add water to change the weights .. thought of tha..."
Posted: by hafsha1
Last Reply: by Dr.NoodleHead
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"Has anyone ever had any experiences with the Beaming Poi sold on this website? What do you think, what have you heard?~H~"
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"So over in the move sections there has been confusion about combo's and moves being referred to as different what are the different names you have heard given to different m..."
Posted: by Shibaki
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"The Beaming Poi alone are great... this just popped when i got them though, and i dont see why i didnt think of it before, cause it could be used with anything. AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!I dont k..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Lamar
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"All,I recently started getting really into strings..etc..and i have learned a bunch of tricks, but i was wondering..***How the HELL do i go from one trick to another without getting the..."
Posted: by FeniXTranz
Last Reply: by kmactane
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"yo all just wanted to tell ya guys something so cool and new which has just came out. or at least i havent known about them until now but anyways i bought a pair of "electronic glow ..."
Posted: by pj
Last Reply: by kmactane
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"I've been wondering for some time how well the synthetic kerosene ( I use for my poi would work for fire breathing/fire blasts. The stuff is only slightly more volit..."
Posted: by Twist
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"A local performer gave me the BEST idea sunday. Take your interleave cathedral wicks, unbolt them, and then wrap an extra two pieces of kevlar around the outside, kind of like gift wrap..."
Posted: by EnigmA
Last Reply: by Twist
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" Does anyone know how to use one or. play with one anyway?"
Posted: by ALPHAMEGA
Last Reply: by ALPHAMEGA
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"Hiya,I'm just wondering if anyone has seen these in action yet.If the strobe is fast enought to give the appearance of a solid chain of individual lights, that would be very cool.But if..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Anyone know if these; UV active...if not - where I can get some?I would like;red, green ..."
Posted: by Anonymous
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"Hey all,Splat made me think of something..I used to do a lot of Gymnastics...I wasnt all that great but I was decent. I havent trained gym in literally 10 years. I'm now 25, and I was w..."
Posted: by Shibaki
Last Reply: by Cassandra
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"Ive noticed a trend in my endeavors to get 'good'. I go through peaks where all I can think about is twirling; choreographing moves and routines out in my head, etc. I go through horrib..."
Posted: by flash fire
Last Reply: by adamrice
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"hello HOPers.98% of the tech/moves talk round here is about poi. I don't actually play with poi and (like to say that) I'm a staff purist. I mostly do double staff but also do double ..."
Posted: by Girl From Mars
Last Reply: by Pele
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"for all you fire breathers....for the beginners who are looking for the safes fuel and all....would it at all be possible to mix the shot of say lamp oil with water, half and"
Posted: by Twist
Last Reply: by Twist
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"No more meteors in the shop? "
Posted: by Ade
Last Reply: by edlo
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"There was a discussion thread in January about practicing and how long you train for each day (and there was a recent poll on this as well). What I was wondering, though, is WHERE you p..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Kat
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"We do alot of talking about wicks and upkeep and such things. Now I am curious about everything else.How often and arduously do you clean and care for, or replace, the metal bits on you..."
Posted: by Shouden-CrD
Last Reply: by vees
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"Sorry guys... =) Had to do it.How many of you live in states that require a "fire permit" to perform fire? Does anyone know if there is any sort of central "repository" for this sort of..."
Posted: by s-p-l-a-t
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I was at a fair this weekend and happened to bump into some fantastic people. I was chatting away to an trained ex-fire marshall guy and a few *friendly* performers. The fire guy was ..."
Posted: by Ignis Devoco
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"I learned a new wicking technique for fire fingers and fire fans and any smaller wicked implement. If you take a cotton ball or two and wrap them around the implement and then wrap the..."
Posted: by PoteJ
Last Reply: by Nomad
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"Hi Yall, i m really into Glowstick Rave. I also try to learn new moves but somehow I dont know if there are some sites on the web or you guys can teach me some new moves, something uni..."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by Peregrine
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"i have had another idea from the depths of hell... this was reading the recent glostick post and that was with fire you get that mooi roaring noise as it flies around, i wanted to kno..."
Posted: by Chandlerx614
Last Reply: by gάrbǿ
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"Does anyone make a staff that can be seen at night,maybe with lights on the end kind of like the Beaming Balls for Poi?just wondering------------------~chandler~"
Posted: by Frenzie
Last Reply: by Ajtag
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"Would it be worth it for someone to do some tutorials on Diablo?Im just starting out and wouldnt mind reading on how to improve myself and techniques and the like. I found the tutes on ..."
Posted: by Doc Lightning
Last Reply: by Kat
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"Ok, so I took my nylon practice poi with me on a canoe trip yesterday. Lots of fun, everyone enjoyed them, and then my canoe flipped and they got all wet and are covered with river jun..."
Posted: by knas
Last Reply: by flash fire
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"Hi!I've head about a thing called fire-flags, its like a staff but with all the burning stuff in one end. In the other end theres just a knob, you can read about it here: http://www.yo-..."
Posted: by soniqast
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"After seeing the post on the new photon lasers (of which I am going to buy upon ability), I was wondering how many people out there use them and how? I used to put 2 on a single shoelac..."
Posted: by Le Skunk
Last Reply: by emthren
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"OK, here i go again gettin all preachy...i was at a party this weekend, a party which i was scheduled to perform at but got cancelled and then relocated, but to make a long story short,..."
Posted: by Stressed Eric
Last Reply: by Stressed Eric
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"lo allhi i was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on weights of practice poi.i have just changed my tennis ball string for heavy weight chain(dog choke chain) and i have found this t..."
Posted: by Pele
Last Reply: by Pele
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"Okay, this doesn't really fit into technical but it isn't social since it does pertain to performing and on that basis, I am posting here (so don't yell at me FF ).I have been asked to ..."
Posted: by Mr Sock
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I just breathed fire for the first time last night! It was incredible! I'm probably gonna get yelled at for not learning from a professional, but i don't care! Just wanted to spread ..."
Posted: by mikeyb
Last Reply: by Pele
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"I've had a fabulous week of progress, and I definitely think a lot of it comes from a piece of T'ai Chi wisdom:"The chin &lbr;intrinsic strength&rbr; should be rooted in the feet, gener..."
Posted: by touch
Last Reply: by pj
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"I swing poi but have taken up staff to improve my performance. I normally put my poi tails on my staff but they seem to like each other too much, and end up in a tangled mess. Also it g..."
Posted: by pj
Last Reply: by pj
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"Well, I did it. After nearly two months of thinking about it, I finally did it.Born from the idea of Pele's Jacob's Ladder at the ECSF comes... after two days of construction ... Uberp..."
Posted: by Ajtag
Last Reply: by Anonymous
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"i have had a idea 2to make a new toy, i rember reading something about swinging bowls with fuel... and i came up with the idea of using two tin cans (baked bean style) then put holes i..."
Posted: by NYC_not_PK
Last Reply: by CrazyRaverDude
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"I'd love some feedback on battery powered glowsticks. I hate cracking a new set if I only want to spin for an hour or so. I did have some success wrapping a used pair in glow tape and..."
Posted: by Mr Sock
Last Reply: by Mr Sock
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"Pele, you mentioned doing wraps with fire.. How on earth with four wicks do you manage to keep from burning yourself?"
Posted: by gάrbǿ
Last Reply: by FireSpirit
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"Hey guysto anyone who has double headed wicks, I request a moment of your time.Do you have two wicks screwed onto on a longer piece of metal piping or do you have two smaller wicks (lik..."
Posted: by Alexlexex
Last Reply: by Simos
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"Hmm, does anyone think we could use a chat room?&lbr;This message has been edited by Alexlexex (edited 25 February 2001).&rbr;"
Posted: by Alexlexex
Last Reply: by Simos
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"Hmm, does anyone think we could use a chat room?&lbr;This message has been edited by Alexlexex (edited 25 February 2001).&rbr;"
Posted: by Alexlexex
Last Reply: by Simos
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"Hmm, does anyone think we could use a chat room?&lbr;This message has been edited by Alexlexex (edited 25 February 2001).&rbr;"
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