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Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by LazyAngel
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"yay! A thread on Anti-Spin weaves!So I was just thinking about them. Simian can probably think better about them, but I was bored so I posted this. (I think) the default anti-spin weave..."
Posted: by willworkforfoodjnr
Last Reply: by Mynci
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"OK, so I saw someone at Play doing an atomic weave with poi and it made my brain melt a bit (or maybe that was the booze).As far as I understand its like a weave that goes inside the ar..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by malaman1
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"Hybrid Staff: So taking the hybrid idea to be your arms doing different 'driving styles'/'spin paradigms' ie one of the following: figure eight / one beatslongarm / isolations anti-spin..."
Posted: by mcp
Last Reply: by mcp
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"Updated: Now with extra added moves, definitions, and extra added common sense! see the PDF - RTF - Word ..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by mcp
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"CutbacksAre Baton staff contact move with elbow-elbow conntact side-side transitions and very effective.Cutback-f(Real media)Cutback-s(Real media)RayoutIs baton frontelbow - straightarm..."
Posted: by Richee
Last Reply: by UnscrupulousChavOffersFoot
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"Try Twirling Three BatonsA juggler's primer in baton twirlingBy: Ginnette GroomeFrom:Juggler's World: Vol. 39, No. 1 by:..........In com..."
Posted: by Glåss
Last Reply: by bairie fen
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"I promised charles that I’d post it months ago...Lynx 1 Staff ContactWith your feet!Difficulty rating 6.7 out of 11* (but worth it)Wordy description, but that’s contact for..."
Posted: by Kyrian
Last Reply: by Glss
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"I still don't quite understadn what glass does with his "Lynx contact footwork" thing, despite some discussion about it with another staffer this weekend. But i do have a variation (wh..."
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