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Try Twirling Three Batons
A juggler's primer in baton twirling

By: Ginnette Groome
From:Juggler's World: Vol. 39, No. 1

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In competition, judges reward correct fundamentals of both juggling and twirling with Olympic flash card scores from 0-10 points. Seven judges moderate
the top events, with fewer used in preliminary and age level events. The USTA(U.S. Twirling Association) divides competitors into five levels of proficiency

- Fair, average, good, excellent and superior.

Each level has been divided into ten areas of focus:

-Three baton basics - intricacy of routine, releases, receptions, major and minor twirl classifications.
-Number of batons in the air at once.
-Aerial height - how low, medium and high tosses create contrast and rhythm. Most routines require a 45-foot ceiling!
-Collections - how gathering batons for a new move is affected by strength, control, placement and timing.
-Basic twirling techniques - followthrough, pattern, baton revolution.
-Ambidexterity. Combinations of baton and body movement.
-Dual pattern - the combination of vertical and horizontal patterns.
-Dual plane and tri plane (toss to the front, side and back in the same move).
-Dual direction - use of spinning batons in both directions to achieve greater artistic expression.

At the "fair" level, athletes will do basic three baton material. Juggling
maneuvers will include:

-Vertical pendulums (tosses in a cascade pattern in a plane parallel to the body)
-Crescents (one hand makes inside tosses, the other makes outside tosses)
-Box showers (making shower tosses as the twirler tosses to front, side, back, and side)
-Time tosses (crescents with a right-hand thumb toss and left hand backhand release)
-One hand juggles (using only one hand to toss and catch two or three batons), and
-Flat showers (shower turning to the left in a circle)

Batton twirlers are comunity that is to be part of staff spinning and we can share a alot in the way of skills and language.



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circles in circles just

e mail olive a very nice poi adn 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 staff spinner and his friends from paris france the city is burning at the moment in several ways

ou la la cu soon

peace and light

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peace and light

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sounds like a well defined holygrail of spinning+juggling mixed at the same time ubbrollsmile weavesmiley juggle

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Look, look, look!

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