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13th May, 2015

Great value mediocre overall.
"First off i rated this product a 3 not because its terrible but because 3 is the neutral number 1-5... And thats just what these are mediocre and great quality for such a low price point. Secondly preference are LED or fire poi but for times where its daylight and you want to spin these can be extremely fun and entertaining to watch and perform. The heads of them are bean bags making them quite light (bad when windy outside). Instead of a single loop the grips are the dual finger set-up.. Which I find yield benefit to both your dexterity whilst spinning and enhanced spin control. These aren't so great for inside use as the tails produce a lot of noise (like swishy pants or nylon fabric against nylon fabric. Also a side note HoP is an absolutely great entity. Those who have actually ordered something from here would tell you the same."
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17th October, 2011

Good for day use
"These were a good addition to our poi collection and the grand kids love them. Thanks!"
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2nd March, 2011

WIll have to modify
"For some reason I had something different in my head. I'll have to change from these cheap not even cole cord cords to chain I like weight to my toys so I will have to ad a bolt or two. They were super inexpensive and the rainbow flags are amazing. I'm happy I purchased them!"
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22nd June, 2007

I prefer Zuni poi
"I bought these as a replacement for my old Infinity Toys Zuni poi. The weight is far too light you'll need to take out the balls and weight them if you want something heavier. The flags are nice and the fact that they detach is great but they just have a light feel to them that I can't get over."
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