Single Glitter Stage Contact Juggling Ball - 3.14 Inch 80mm

Single Glitter Stage Contact Juggling Ball - 3.14 Inch 80mm

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This 80mm sparkly/glitter contact juggling ball, is perfectly round, evenly weighted and virtually seamless.

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I have been juggling these same balls for 10 years.
Excellent for extra sparkly impact for your juggling and contact juggling routines.
Very good grip, easy clean with an extra professional look about them.

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  • 3.14inch 80mm diameter
  • 110gm

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13th December, 2016
nice little practice ball!
"I am using this ball to practice contact juggling - and with tremendous success! It is smooth, virtually non-breakable, and easy to handle. A bit smaller than I would have initially intended to purchase, but its good to practice with before I switch to acrylic balls that are virtually the same size."
Isabel, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
BRONZE Member since Nov 2016

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