Pair of Pro Knob Replacement Ninja Cords

Pair of Pro Knob Replacement Ninja Cords

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Replacement colour silicone ball handle cords for the Ninja LED Poi.
Total length includes length from Ninja LED Poi.
With an integrated heavy grade ball bearing swivel.
ColeCord - 8mm diameter poi cord from the spinning community for the spinning community.

Open TabYour benefits
  • Very smooth ball-bearing motion prevents twists and reduces your tangles in cords.
  • Perfect for your Orbitals and Hyperloops where long-duration spinning is required.
  • Extremely durable Silicone rubber for long life.
  • New Pro Knob benefits
  • Positive Grip surface for the secure spinning
  • Adjustable weight cavity for tuning throws
  • Comfort is designed to reduce cords rubbing away the skin on your fingers from overuse.
  • Improved Control of your Poi
  • Complete smooth finish with no large unsightly hole at the top

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At Home of Poi, we found that most swivels were not ideal for using with Poi.
These swivels are custom-made for Home of Poi to our specifications with a reduced friction axle and extra strong rings for the ultimate in ease of spinning and security.

Open TabSpecifications
  • Pro Knob diameter 38mm
  • Ring diameter = 13.8mm
  • The wire diameter of the ring = 2mm
  • The barrel is approximately the size of a No.9 Swivel.
  • Axle, Barrel, and Rings are custom-made.
  • Cole Cord 5/16 inch diameter

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11th October, 2018
Review of purchase
"The handles have been a great addition to my practice being able to play with tosses and other ideas. I found the spring of the ninja rope to take away a bit of the precision of some moves but could be more my familiarity with them and they add nice affects to other moves. Thanks for the continued service"
Shanerundl, Ireland.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Apr 2018

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