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Flowlight LED Poi

The latest flowlight currently available it the Full Spectrum flowlight, the older version of this flowlight are longer being sold. This all-new revolutionary flowlight-full spectrums in crystal cases set comes with Crystal cases for each Poi head including our very own HOP hollowed Colecord Pro V2 handles, #9 swivels and adjustable 8mm Colecords.

The next evolution of the flowlight, the flowlight-FS is a modular, interchangeable and versatile LED glowstick with many beautiful adjustable modes and colors, kinetic awareness, battery level indicator, and more.

Each Flowlight runs on 1 AAA (not included) at full brightness throughout battery life - does not dim.

Recommended: Get crystal cases to protect and cushion your flowlights, and flowmass to add more weight if you like heavier rigs. We also provide quality, comfortable handles and leashes and HoP Carry Bag.

How long does a battery last? This depends a lot on the mode you are in. With freshly charged NiMH rechargeables, flowlights normally last for 7-24 hours in most modes, 2-4 hours in page 3 “performance” modes, and 1-2 hours in “bolder” and “bold” (all white modes).

Runtimes with disposable alkaline batteries are typically lower, and cheapo disposable batteries may last less than 30 minutes, as they cannot handle the amperage required.

LED Poi instructions

We are committed to reducing the amount of paper we use, so all our instructions and guides on how to use your LED Poi are now available on their respective product pages. We also email these to you after purchase and they can be viewed under the title 'Resources' when you log into your account.

Eye safety around LEDs

The output power of LEDs has increased incredibly over the past 10 years. We love bright LED Poi, however you should not remove the LED unit and stare at the raw LED source as with all powerful lights this can hurt and in some cases damage your eyes. It is the same as holding a light torch close to and pointing into your eye.

The LED Poi trail effect

You will see a lot of pictures with circular light trails behind the LED Poi, just like a comet tail. For a camera to get a good night time photo it will use a highly sensitive light setting or a long exposure light setting. The longer the camera exposure the longer any light trail will be. Some people spend a lot of time trying to get the right camera settings and exposure time to create the perfect LED Poi picture. The human eye also has a natural light exposure setting with the iris. The darker your spinning area becomes the larger the hole in your eye gets, letting in more light, and then you will begin to see that trail effect. The faster you spin your Poi the longer the trail will appear. However unlike a camera your eye has a limitation to how long the LED trail will be.

Different perspectives

Looking at people spinning Poi is delightful and filled with wonder. With beautiful trails of color swirling around and dancing with the person within.

Now imagine what it is like dancing to your favorite music where the flow of the LED Poi is a colorful extension of the wonderful person you are and will be.

How to Adjust the length of your Colecords

Near the Swivel pull the excess Colecord through the small circular ring to find your perfect spinning length.

Then mark the place where you will cut the Colecord next to the small ring on the excess cord.

Lengthen the excess Colecord to clearly show the mark then cut on the marked point.

Melt the end of the Colecord with a lighter to prevent further fraying, a small circular dish of melted Colecord will suffice.

Practicing the melting process can also be done on the excess off-cut of Colecord before trying on your actual cords.

Once the melted disk has cooled and hardened pull the Colecord tight to the desired length again so that the small melted dish sits tightly next to the ring.

Happy spinning

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