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Face Paints


Cosmetic grade Face paints

We stock a great brand of quality non-toxic cosmetic grade Face paints.

You will always find cheaper face paints. However, you will find that those face paints are just less paint, already watered down to increase the volume you are buying.

Our Face paints are thick and can still get watered down; to, however, you like it.

Glow in the dark Face Paint

This is a trendy face paint that will absorb light and then glow in the dark even without a UV or Blacklight.

Fluorescent Face Paints

Fluorescent colors that brightly glow under UV lighting. If you have access to UV or Blacklights and want to shine on stage, we have a range of fluorescent colors for you.

How to use your Face Paints

First, you will need to clean and dry your skin and hold back any hair or clothing you do not want to get paint on. If mishaps occur, you can easily wash out with soap and water.

Apply your base color, quite often white, with a slightly wet sponge, allow to dry before adding the next layer. Using white base color first will help the other colors shine. Hence that is why you usually buy extra white Face Paint.

If you are using a few colors in your design, start with applying the lighter colors first and finishing with the darkest. Painting in this order will help prevent brighter colors, getting used over a dark pigment which will significantly diminish the effect. Similar to using white water paint on black paper would.

To assist with brushing, thin with a small amount of water. Allow the previous color to dry before applying additional close-by colors.

You can also use stencils with a sponge for a significant effect.

Use a corner of a slightly wet sponge to blend colors.

Be sure to wash out all sponges and brushes with warm water when you are finished.

To assist with removal and for sensitive skins, apply a moisturizer or barrier cream before applying face paint.

To remove, wash with warm soapy water.


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4th August, 2020
Mahalo From Maui
"I really appreciate being able to go to your site and find a few pieces of hardware I was needing on my list of things to get. Handles, batteries, chain. Perfect place to shop. Mahalo"
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"Made an order for knobs and ropes and it is always good quality and service ! I recommende !"
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