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Yoyo - 5A 360

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  Published on 30 Jun, 2013

The 5A 360 is basically a yoyo suicide where you throw the counterweight instead of the loop, and basically the same trick as a diabolo suicide.

When you feel like you're up to it, try doubling up and going for a 720.

P.S.--Sorry about the awful lighting in the last few tutorials. In my mind, for some reason, it made perfect sense and would somehow highlight the Yoyo and the string... I don't think it worked, so I'll be avoiding it in the future.

Remember to hold on to the weight until the yoyo's rotation is almost to at its peak. That'll help make sure that your weight doesn't outrun the yoyo. As you get more advanced, you can mix up when you release it to change the look of the trick.

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