Buugeng Basics, IX | Physical Awareness

S-Staff Buugeng - IX | Physical Awareness

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  Published on 9 Sep, 2014

Buugeng can be really physically tiring for those just getting started. Finger manipulation is exhausting alone with combinations with wrist movements.

In this lesson, I aim to help maximize on performance time or practice time by practicing conserving energy for each any every motion. Saving energy happens through resting for short moments at different balance points.

Also, I explain how the shape and movement of the Buugeng can be used to the advantage of the manipulator. The curved double blade shape on both sides can be traced all around the body. Other shapes can be made far from the body through extensions of the arms.

Altogether, these tips can help create a longer performance or practice session, while providing symmetry, fine tuning of patterns, and further exploration in Buugeng motion.

These are just some of the ideas I have thought of in my own practice. I do not claim that these are the only things to recognize for being a better manipulator, they are just some extra tips I thought would be valuable to beginners.

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